Quick and Easy Flatbread Pizza

Quick and Easy Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza – Quick, Easy and better than delivery from  your favorite pizza guy.

Folks, OMG this flatbread pizza crust  is so good.  To me, pizza crust can make or break your pizza regardless of the toppings.  Having the perfect crust is a must and I really love thin crust.  This pre-baked, bubbly crust cannot be beat for  taste and time saved in preparing your pizza.

In one of my many trips to the grocery store, I discovered Brooklyn Bred All Natural Pizza Crust.

Purchasing the Brooklyn Bred All Natural Pizza Crust, I had the choice of traditional, original, or ancient grain.  I decided on the traditional.

I always loved watching the guys on the boardwalk at the beach tossing pizza dough up in the air.  I never saw them drop a crust!  I know better than to even think about trying that  trick so this crust is perfect for me.

Let’s starting putting our flatbread pizza together.

Of course there are endless possibilities for pizza toppings.

Flatbread Pizza Ingredients

Two crusts are included in the package.  Initially I went with sweet Italian sausage and cheese for one, and just cheese for the other.   However, I then decided to add turkey pepperoni to both.

So here you go.

Simply brush your pizza crust with a  little olive oil:

Flatbread Pizza w olive oil

Add your toppings:

Flatbread Pizza unbaked

I sprinkled both with Italian seasoning and placed in my preheated oven directly on the oven rack  for approximately 10  minutes.

And this is my better than delivery flatbread pizza:

Flatbread Pizza slice

Pair your flatbread pizza with a salad and you are all set.

Flatbread Pizza and salad

Do yourself and your family a favor and try this pre-baked flatbread pizza crust. We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Family tested and approved  for sure!

More information and great recipes can be found on their website, www.brooklynbred.com


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