Mojitos Cupcakes

If you have ever thought about starting an herb garden, mint should be one of your herbs.  We planted mint a few years ago, and each year we have more and more mint.  You may want to plant mint in containers because it does tend to take over the garden.  Mint seems to like the full sun in the morning, with partial shade in the evening.  Our plants have thrived.  Pinch new leaves to keep it coming, and keep the soil moist.

Another plus to growing mint is that it attracts the beneficial insects such as honeybees. 

Having an abundance of fresh mint simply means that you will always be ready to whip up a batch of these great Mojitos Cupcakes.

Mojitos cupcakes 2

These Mojitos Cupcakes are very moist, and you can definitely associate the taste with the ever so popular Mojitos mixed drink.  Using lime zest and fresh lime juice adds just the right amount of flavor to the cupcake.  And of course, brushing the cupcakes with the rum/mint mixture adds the finishing touch to that so good Mojitos taste.4-24-16 Lime zest

Topped with a creamy, smooth, bursting with the addition again of the fresh lime juice frosting, makes this one delicious cupcake. So go on over to The Rustic Willow and get the recipe.  Enjoy!


And, oh, oh, oh, I hear that if you put mint and water in a spray bottle like this, and spray in corners, around window sills, and door openings, it will keep spiders and other insects away.  Hmmmmm, I will give it a try.  Will let you know.

Bottle of Mint


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