Cotton Candy Grapes

Who knew?  Grapes that  actually smell and taste like cotton candy!  I have always loved cotton candy.  Growing up, cotton candy was the main attraction for me at the carnivals and fairs.  Everybody else was excited about the rides and games.  Me, I just wanted bags of cotton candy.  I would eat one while walking around and then get another bag to take home.  Man, I just loved that stuff.  I even remember getting a little cotton candy machine for Christmas one year.  Unfortunately it was not the same.

Last week a friend of mine introduced me to Cotton Candy Grapes.  Say what?  Well let me tell you, I smelled cotton candy when she opened the bag.  That aroma……………oh, goodness.   And believe it or not, these grapes actually taste like cotton candy.   Cotton Candy Grapes are great for snacking!  I went online to do my research and found the information about these, as well as other grapes very interesting.  Check it out:    It’s really good stuff guys!  Enjoy!



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