About That Hot Milk Cake

A smooth old-fashioned Hot Milk Cake


That Hot Milk Cake was one of my Mom’s most requested recipes.  Like a lot of folks, I like to say, “My mom was the best mom in the world!” She was always there to nurture and love. My mom passed away in 1998 and I still think about her every day. Mom was well known for her cooking and baking. We were a small family of only 4, but she always cooked enough for an army, like on a daily basis. She would say, “You never know who may stop by.” (trust me, they stopped by all the time, because they knew) Cooking and baking were definitely her gift. If she made it, you knew it would be good.

She was also an old school cook, meaning she kept recipes in her head. You know, the “a little bit of that”, and the, “some of this” type. She would say, “I don’t bother measuring stuff, I just look at”. Somehow, she just knew. A very long time ago, I do remember typing some of her recipes on index cards. (yes, typing on a typewriter, so you know it was a long time ago)

When there was a function going on and everyone was asked to bring something, I would get the “Hey, ask you mom to make That Hot Milk Cake.”

I was lucky enough to stumble across her That Hot Milk Cake index card.


This cake has that good, “I know this isn’t a box cake” homemade taste. If you like, simply sprinkle with powdered sugar, or add the icing of your choice, or use it for your strawberry shortcake. Whichever way you go with, it will be great!  You can find the full recipe here.

I have inherited my mom’s love of the kitchen.  Browsing through blogs, cookbooks, magazines, wherever I stumble upon a recipe I would like to try is my therapy.  I love trying new recipes, and coming up with new concoctions.  Always looking for something to whip up. 

I had thought about starting a blog many times in the past and never followed up on it.   I have finally got it together and hope you will enjoy this journey with me.  Whew, so much to learn, but I am loving it!  I have a zillion great recipes to share with you.


My Mom is my inspiration for That Hot Milk Cake.